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Which learning modules have you seen so far?

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  1. Introduction - an overview of the learning modules
  2. Animals - how animals have adapted to survive the winter
    1. Animals that leave for the winter
    2. Animals that stay for the winter
      1. How animals travel through the snow
      2. What tracks do they leave? - measuring & categorizing tracks
        1. Measuring tracks
        2. Categorizing tracks
  3. Vegetation - how plants keep from dying in the cold
    1. What are the advantages of being under the snow?
    2. What are the advantages of being within the snow?
    3. What are the advantages of being above the snow?
      1. What parts of a deciduous tree play a role in winter survival?
        1. Leaves
        2. Branches
        3. Buds
      2. What parts of a coniferous tree play a role in winter survival?
        1. Needles
        2. Branches
    4. How do plant species that live only one year survive?
    5. How do plants survive if the don't produce viable seeds?
  4. The Lake - water mixing in the spring and fall
  5. "The Bunny" - adaptations of the snowshoe hare
  6. Heat Loss due to conductance
    1. "k" the thermal conductivity
    2. "A" the area of the body conducting heat
    3. "Tb" the temperature of the body
    4. "Ta" the temperature of the air
    5. "d" the thickness of the insulation
  7. The Snow Pack - layers, change and insulating value
  8. Ravens - why their feet are cold, but don't freeze
  9. Links & Stuff - odds and ends; places to go for more information
  10. Glossary - an explanation of all those new terms
  11. Question & Answer - a review of the Q & A's in the movies
  12. Credits - Thanks and Tools
  13. Copyright - the legal stuff

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