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Introduction to Northern Winter Ecology


You will learn how plants and animals have adapted to survive the challenges of northern winters.

The image map on the home page has links to learning modules on:

  1. Vegetation - learn how plants have adapted to live under, in and above the snow
  2. Animals - see how animals have adapted to travel in the snow
  3. Heat Loss - what it is, what affects it, how plants and animals cope
  4. Bunny - see a rabbit demonstrate adaptations of the snowshoe hare
  5. Raven - see how a bird like the raven survives without freezing its feet
  6. Snow - what's behind all that white stuff?
  7. Lake - what happens in a lake as the seasons change?

(Topics in the list above will change colour after you have viewed them.)

In the learning modules you can view short movies about different aspects of the topic. (If your browser requires the QuickTime 4 player (or "plug-in") to display the movies, you can download it FREE from http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/.)
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