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See piWOWeb's unique Yukon video screensavers & Costa Rica video screen saver

Full screen versions (on CD-ROM) include automatic installation software

To download DEMO files:

  1. Right Click on the video screensaver you want to try
  2. select a destination for the file - look for other *.scr files that are already on your computer (probably in the folder c:\windows\system or c:\winnt40\system32 or something similar)
  3. click Okay (be patient, they are big files...)

To activate the downloaded DEMO video screensaver:

  1. Right Click on your Desktop
  2. select Properties & click on the Screen Saver tab
  3. scroll down and click on name of the DEMO (e.g. Whitehorse Rapids - Yukon River FS DEMO)
  4. click Okay

(or you can request assistance by e-mail)

e-mail us for custom-made unique video screensavers.

 Updated 2003.05.23 Copyright 2003 piWOWeb Ventures all rights reserved. For distribution information & evaluation copies please e-mail us.