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What have you seen so far?
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  1. Introduction / Background.
  2. What's New.
  3. The Gallery - Kathy's original art & more.
    1. Kathy's Recent Art - Mixed Media at Arts Underground Gallery.
    2. Kathy's Recent Art - Jewellry at Arts Underground Gallery.
    3. Kathy's Recent Art - Paintings at Arts Underground Gallery.
    4. Kathy's "Vladimir and Natasha" series of paintings.
    5. Kathy's 2008 "Metal Moons" Show at Arts Underground Gallery - pieces.
    6. Kathy's 2008 "Metal Moons" Show at Arts Underground Gallery - reception.
    7. Kathy's 2004 "Works in Fours" Show at Captain Martin House Gallery - pieces.
    8. Kathy's 2004 "Works in Fours" Show at Captain Martin House Gallery - reception.
    9. Kathy's 2001 "Hog Gut & Digital Dame" Show at Captain Martin House Gallery.
    10. Kathy's 2000 "Practically All Nieces & Egg Shell Show" Show at Captain Martin House Gallery.
    11. Kathy's paper mache sculptures.
    12. Kathy's mixed media "shield" sculptures.
    13. Kathy's mixed media "bird house" sculptures.
    14. Kathy's innovative moose-hair tufting jewellry.
    15. Kathy's Hog-gut vessel demonstration.
    16. Kathy's finished hog-gut vessels.
    17. Photovision's Photo Contest - Kathy's entries.
    18. Glenn's photos (miscellaneous).
    19. Glenn's Infra-red photos Mole National Park (thumbnails only).
    20. Glenn's Infra-red photos Elmina Castle (thumbnails only).
  4. Video Screen Savers - what are they?.
    1. Yukon Campfire - samples.
    2. Costa Rican Hummingbirds - samples.
  5. Introduction to Northern Winter Ecology - interactive CD-ROM.
  6. Great Northern Arts Festival - interactive CD-ROM.
  7. Kelly's Visit - interactive CD-ROM.
  8. Brooklands Wilderness Camp - website.
  9. Video Clips - Northern (Yukon, Greenland, NWT, Queen Charlotte Islands).
  10. Video Clips - Southern (Ghana, Costa Rica, Florida).
  11. Video Clips - Miscellaneous.
  12. Links & Stuff - Odds and ends; places to go for more information.
    1. Instructions for using the QuickTime plug-in included on our interactive CD-ROMs.
  13. Glossary - An explanation of all those new terms.
  14. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.
  15. Credits - Thanks and tools.
  16. Copyright - The legal stuff.

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