New Years was a blast! I probably celebrated later than you! And not just because of the three hours difference. Kathy and Glenn both cheated and took naps, while I worked on this a little more. We went to Neil, Edwige, Alya and Gentianne's house and wore crazy masks. We were worried we might scare Gentianne, but she loved it when we walked through the door, all feathers and wood. After the girls had paraded around in a few masks they had, we settled down for a game of Pictionary. Evie was there too and boy, was it fast paced and exciting! Wonderful desserts were everywhere, at least 5 or 6 different sweets!

After that we went to Els and Doug's party (friends of Kathy and Glenn's). We entertained everyone as we came through the door all dressed up. It was fun to hear them whisper, trying to guess who I was. They had multiple kinds of champaign at midnight and we danced like mad people most of the night. I showed Els the "squirrel" and she thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I drove home, insisting that "friends don't let friends drive drunk" (see mom, TV has taught me something) and I got to bed about 3:30 AM.


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