December 21st was the shortest day of the year! The sun rose from behind the mountains at about 10:30 AM and set behind them around 3PM. The entire "day" I helped Kathy set up a display at the airport for the Yukon Art Society. During the "night day" we napped (I'd been feeling a little under the weather). Finally, that night we went to Kathy and Glenn's friends' house for supper and went to the Longest Night Concert. It was WONDERFUL! There was music and drama and it was all quiet original and interesting. Walking out of the concert hall my nose hairs froze. I hadn't yet experienced this phenomena and it was quite startling. All the moisture in your nose freezes when you inhale and it feels tingly and tight, but it thaws almost before you exhale. Note: attempting to do this many times in quick succession causes an "ice cream" headache.

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