After we went skiing the day that I arrived, Kathy and I set about decorating the house for Christmas. We searched for a box labeled "Christmas" in the quonset hut and when we finally found it, it was empty! I was impressed with a set of caribou antlers we found while searching and decided to take those to the house just in case creative genius struck. It struck Kathy and she set a small potted plant on the brow tine... and the rest just fell into place.

Christmas day was VERY exciting! I got my first sled from Santa, actually it's more of a saucer. Borris and Yammy, friends of Kathy and Glenn's, came over for breakfast. We all went out skating and sliding and snowboarding! (Uncle Glenn got a snowboard from Santa!!) The excitement of the day was only slightly paled by the adventure the night before.

We had gone out looking for northern lights and a meteor shower and ended up at the top of the escarpment. The easiest way to get down, of course, was to slide on our bums. Boy what a ride! It was out of control! We tried to follow the paths made by snow boarders, but it was too difficult to turn or slow down. Before we began Kathy had told me to dig in my heels to slow myself down. But that only served to blind me with a wall of snow! I had to fight just to keep my feet going down first, as head first would have been exponentially more dangerous. Anyway, back to Christmas.

We had lots of fun playing with our new toys and were all ready for supper, which would be at Neil, Edwige, Alya and Gentianne's house. Once there, we started with a French appetizer with two different kinds of dip. Then we all sat down for salad and a delicious salmon loaf. After that we got up and danced with the kids until the second course was ready: pork pie, smoked turkey with spicy cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts and honey glazed carrots, and au gratin potatoes. Finally we had Christmas pudding made by Neil's mom and yule cake. It was a blend of traditional French and English Christmas food because Neil is English and Edwige is French. It easily took us 3 hours to eat the full meal!

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