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Osprey Air - our 4 seat Cessna 180 Most of our clients request our float equipped, 4 seat Cessna 180 that has been modified for short takeoffs and landings.

We also have a float equipped, 2 seat Piper PA12, also modified for short takeoffs and landings.

Both aircraft are equipped with wheel-skiis during the winter operating season.

Osprey Air - our 2 seat Piper PA12

Itinerary: Give us a call and we will help you design an itinerary that suits your interests. We can get you into and out of local fishing, outfitting and prospecting camps - including our own Brooklands Wilderness Camp.

Charter Rates: Give us a call for rates.

Location: We are based in Atlin, BC, Canada - near Skagway, Alaska

Inset Map - Brooklands Wilderness Camp is near Atlin, BCRegional Map - northwestern BC, Canada

Brooklands Homestead

Our family has lived on southern Tagish Lake since 1912.

This is the area of the famous Ben My Chree homestead and Engineer Mine, source of some of the richest gold ore in the world.  However, it is was originally famous for the 1898 gold rush trail to Atlin.

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phone (250) 651-7716
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