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Osprey Air - our 4 seat Cessna 180

We are based in Atlin, BC, Canada -
near Skagway, Alaska

Detail Map - Brooklands Wilderness Camp is near Atlin, BC


Flight-seeing: Come experience our northern mountain scenery!

Spectacular Glacier Scenery - near Brooklands Wilderness Camp

Your flight begins twenty miles north of Skagway, Alaska at Fraser, B.C. on the Klondike Highway. Our float plane climbs away towards the north end of the Juneau icefield, a spectacular vista of mountains, ice and snow. Leaving the glaciers we fly over the southern Tagish Lake past famous Ben My Chree and Engineer Mine to stop at Brooklands, our wilderness lodge-homestead.Brookland's Wilderness Lodge-Homestead

Here, during the two hour stay, we have a light meal, a look around and learn about the history of the area our family has lived since 1912. We may see wildlife on the return flight to Fraser over the 1898 gold rush trail to Atlin.

Total trip time - about 3.5 hours. Flight routing can vary or be cancelled by weather. Full refunds for weather cancellations. Reservations recommended. Minimum of two people per flight. $165 US per person.

Call us about custom flights and charters - available from other points including Atlin, B.C.

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Box 299 Atlin, B.C. V0W 1A0

telephone (250) 651-7716 or fax (250) 651-7740

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